Electrical Technology & Equipment Vietnam ETE 2024

In recent years, Vietnam has been one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing countries in East Asia. Vietnam is entering the post-COVID-19 recovery phase,during this period, Vietnam’s economy will accelerate its recovery. The Asian Development Bank predicts that Vietnam’s economy will grow by 6.5% in 2022 and 6.7% in 2023. It will become the Southeast Asia’s largest economy,with the highest growth rate in the region.

In the post-epidemic era, Vietnam’s economy will develop rapidly due to the tariff advantages of Vietnamese products exported to Europe and the United States and the advantages of low-cost labor.A large number of electrical equipment and energy-saving products are imported from China. 2024 is a key year for my country’s foreign trade companies to regain the Vietnamese market. Foreign investment is to promote an important driving force for Vietnam’s economic growth. Vietnam is providing services to international information technology companies and gradually becoming a paradise for entrepreneurial investment.Due to the rapid development of the Vietnamese electricity market, the demand for electricity and energy has greatly increased, with an average annual growth rate of 13.4%. It is estimated that demand will increase from 24% to 42% in 2022-2050. Vietnamese home appliances and various commercial buildings, hotels and other infrastructure projects, industrial zones, and commercial centers is developing rapidly, and the demand for electromechanical devices, air-conditioning systems, security systems, solar series and new energy products is increasing day by day.

The Vietnam International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition and the Vietnam International Energy Saving and Green Energy Technology Products Exhibition are the largest exhibitions in Vietnam’s power and new energy industry. They have been identified as Vietnam’s national key trade promotion projects and have received strong support from the Vietnamese government. Vietnam Electric Power The equipment industry is rated as one of the most attractive investment areas in the region. The exhibition has been successfully held for 16 times since 2008. It has received strong support from Vietnam and has become the most professional international power and new energy exhibition.

1. Electric power technology and equipment

  • Generators, generator sets, electric motors, water pumps, and power automation systems;
  • Technology, machinery and equipment for power plants; power stations; power generation equipment;
  • Power transmission and distribution equipment; substations; wires, cables, switches; connectivity conduction, electrical insulation and thermal insulation materials; automated power distribution technology and measures;
  • Industrial power equipment and products; air conditioning and ventilation systems, technology and equipment for industrial lighting systems;
  • Contractors who supply and install complete electrical systems for construction projects; Electrical equipment and safety protection equipment;

2. Household electrical equipment

  • Household electrical equipment and electrical hardware products;
  • Lighting, lighting; electric fans, exhaust fans; air conditioners; water pumps; heating equipment; kitchen appliances;
  • Maintenance and testing technology and equipment for household electrical appliances

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