2024 South Korea SIFE and PGK

The SIEF and PGK in South Korea will be held at the Korea International Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX) from April 3 to 5, 2024. The exhibition is hosted by the Korean Electrical Manufacturers Association and has become the most professional power exhibition in South Korea. The exhibition has a high degree of internationalization, rich exhibition content, advanced exhibition technology and high exhibition service quality. With the development of the world economy and the increasing globalization of supply, in order to meet the growing market demand, the exhibition continues to expand the scale of the exhibition and its influence is growing. It has become an important place for exchanges, expansion of trade and promotion of cooperation in the field of electric power and energy. It is a must-attend event when entering the Korean energy market.

In recent years, the bilateral economic and trade between China and South Korea has developed rapidly and is showing an accelerating trend. After entering the 21st century, the development of bilateral trade between China and South Korea has accelerated unprecedentedly. At the same time, the import and export commodities of China and South Korea are gradually increasing their technical content and added value. The structure of import and export commodities has begun to shift from labor-intensive products to technology-intensive products. Product transformation.

Range of exhibition:

  • SIEF

switchgear/switchboards, switches and circuit breakers, wires and wiring equipment, connecting materials, substation automation, high voltage DC related equipment, battery protection systems, surge protection devices, energy management and storage technology , test and monitoring equipment, sectional heating, rotating machines, inverters, automation systems, microgrid safety equipment, lighting equipment, electrical engineering equipment, fire protection equipment, communication systems, publications, renewable energy equipment, solar photovoltaic materials, Solar power generation equipment, bioenergy equipment, wind power generation equipment, hydroelectric power generation equipment, waste energy equipment, geothermal energy equipment.

  • PGK

Air handling equipment, Bearings, gears, clutches and couplings, Boilers, heat exchangers, combustion systems, Cables and wires, Cooling equipment and services, Diesel and gas engines, equipment and services, Electrical equipment and switchgear, Energy information & Technology, Emissions Control, Engineering Design and Development, Filters and Filtration Equipment, Gas Turbine Equipment and Services, Generators and Accessories, Inspection and Test Equipment, Instrumentation, Diagnostics, Monitoring, Lubricants, Chemicals and Specialty Gases, Machinery Processing Equipment and Services, Material Handling Equipment, Metals and Alloys, Nuclear Equipment and Services, Plant Safety Products, Pumps and Compressors, Renewable Energy Equipment and Services, Software and Analytical Tools, Tanks and Containers, Water and Wastewater Treatment.

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