2024 CWIEME Berlin

The “2024 German CWIEME” will be held at the Berlin International Exhibition Center from May 14 to 16, 2024. The exhibition was first held in Berlin, Germany in 1996 and is held annually. It has become the world’s most influential professional exhibition for electromagnetic coil, motor, transformer manufacturing and rewinding and electrical insulation. According to exhibition statistics, more than 600 companies from more than 80 countries and regions including China, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Japan will participate in the exhibition in 2023, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters. Starting from 2023, the organizer will add Connect @ CWIEME, which aims to allow exhibitors to meet new friends in the industry and obtain new technologies, solutions and products. More than 5,000 high-value meetings will be hosted on-site in 2023, connecting more than 750 engineers, procurement and R&D professionals with more than 350 suppliers of parts, raw materials and processing machinery.

Range of exhibition:

Materials: rare earth minerals, permanent magnet materials, soft magnetic materials, amorphous materials, etc., magnetic and conductive materials, insulating paints, insulating materials, resins, films, laminates, adhesives, adhesive tapes and composite materials, Mica products, impregnated fiber products, plastics and other insulating materials, electrical carbon products and electrical alloys, etc.

Instruments and equipment: winding machines, threading machines, wire beam machines, wire drawing machines, lamination, dipping machines, terminal machines, stamping, cutting, welding, coating equipment, armature detectors, motor comprehensive performance testers, Production and testing equipment such as dynamic balancing machines, electricity testers, dynamometers, insulation performance testers, magnetic measuring instruments, online detectors, CAT, mechanical inspection equipment.

Control systems and devices: motors (motors); motor control systems and servo systems, coil windings, drives, speed regulators, numerical control devices, transformers, frequency converters, converters, special equipment, electronic original devices and devices, etc.

Supporting products: commutator, bearings, commutator, brushes, molds, fans, iron cores, rotating shafts, punching sheets, end caps, thermal protectors, wires, engineering plastics, junction boxes, connectors. Transformer skeleton, motor casing, armature, core, stator, rotor, precision parts, sensors, switches, power supplies and related products.

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