Transformer design features in Vietnam

After participating in the 2023 Vietnam Electric Power Exhibition, let’s share our team’s summary of Vietnamese products. Although we export transformer accessories and solutions, our team is most interested in researching various transformer products. When our team travels abroad, including when communicating with customers, the thing we are most interested in is their transformers.

There are many single-phase conversion products in Southeast Asia, and the capacity of three-phase products is usually not very large. The three-phase and single-phase products of this company at the exhibition are very distinctive: 1. Epoxy partitions are set up on both sides of the low voltage. It may not be very useful, but it does have a certain protective effect and improves the recognition of the product; 2. The channel steel at the bottom of the box uses a bent plate structure, which is very beautiful; 3. The bottom of the box uses a steel plate bending method, which saves oil and at the same time Reducing one welding wire indirectly reduces the risk of oil leakage; 4. What surprised us is that their components and overall transformers have also added a lot of online detection functions, which was not available before the epidemic, indicating that their products are also Gradually internationalizing; 5. Focus on the differences between their components and ours.

Take the strengths of others to make up for your own shortcomings. If you want to exchange equipment, you can have a chat with us. If there are good transformer products or structures, we are very willing to learn from them. Now Southeast Asia has also begun to promote energy-saving products. This can be fully realized from communicating with them. In particular, they are very interested in the energy-saving versions of our three-dimensional silicon steel and three-dimensional amorphous products. We hope that more and more domestic companies will Take our good stuff out of the country. We will reapply for a visa next year, and then share and promote our country’s experience in improving energy efficiency in recent years with these companies. In addition to experiencing the unique local culture and entertainment on their streets, I also saw many of the characteristics of their transformers and even markets.

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